Pre-Budget Submission

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Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Pre-Budget Submission

Each year the Alzheimer Society, along with dozens of other organisations and individuals, submits recommendations for funding and policy ideas we want to see included in the annual provincial budget. This submission lays out our top priorities for improving dementia care in Ontario.

Our most recent 2023 submission, entitled “No Time to Lose”, makes 13 targeted recommendations:

  1. Make a public commitment to renewing Ontario’s Dementia Strategy
  2. Appoint Ontario’s first-ever Dementia Secretariat
  3. Develop a clear and consistent dementia care pathway, including planning for future treatments
  4. Support more Ontarians living with dementia, their care partners, and families with an investment of $3.26 million in First Link® System Navigation
  5. Lower hospitalisation rates for newly admitted long-term care residents with $21.98 million in funding for transitional activation support
  6. Invest $7.56 million to divert people living with dementia away from emergency rooms and back where they want to be: at home
  7. Expand access to dementia-specific respite services with an initial annual investment of $93.5 million
  8. Provide an additional layer of community-based options for 2,500 older Ontarians with complex care needs through a $57 million investment in assisted living and supportive housing
  9. Expand diagnostic capacity through a $10 million investment in PET scan centres serving Hamilton, London, Sudbury, and Toronto
  10. Create, sustain, and expand interprofessional teams in geriatric clinics at an annual cost of $15 million
  11. Stabilise MINT Memory Clinics with an immediate one-time investment of $11 million
  12. Introduce a fully refundable Primary Caregiver Tax Credit at an approximate annual cost of $369.6 million
  13. Equalise wages between hospital and home and community care workers performing equal work, at an approximate cost of $470 million

Click below to read our full 2023 pre-budget submission.

2023 Pre-Budget Submission

There is no time to lose! Read about the Alzheimer Society of Ontario's 2023 Pre-Budget Submission here.

2023 Pre-Budget Submission

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