Building a dementia care system that works for Ontario

Ontario is embarking on a transformation of our health care system to build a dementia care system that works.


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About Ontario Health Teams

Ontario is embarking on a transformation of our health-care system by enabling the creation of Ontario Health Teams—groups of health care providers integrating their operations to better serve patients.

Ontario Health Teams present a unique opportunity to ensure that no matter where in Ontario you live, you have access to the same standard care. From Timmins to Toronto, every Ontario Health Team should have minimum service standards for complex conditions.

Alzheimer Society of Ontario Recommendations

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario is calling for every Ontario Health Team to include the following:

  • Dementia-specific system navigation.
  • Counselling, education, and support for people living with dementia and care partners.
  • Respite for care partners, inclusive of Adult Day Programs.
  • Therapeutic recreation services.
  • Meaningful engagement of people living with dementia and care partners, including the right to participate, as fully as possible, in decisions affecting care, from diagnosis to end-of life, in keeping with the Canadian Charter of Rights for People with Dementia.

By incorporating each of these services and standards, Ontario Health Teams will have a solid foundation of support for families affected by dementia in their service area. Each component of the minimum service standard represents a vital lifeline to Ontarians living with dementia and care partners and helps prevent unnecessary hospital visits.

You can read our full position statement here.