U-First!® for Care Partners

A program for care partners to develop effective strategies to reduce responsive behaviours.

Close-up image of a person reaching out their hand to comfort another person with their hands clasped. The overset text reads "U-First for care partners."

For more information about this program and registration, please call our InfoLine at 1-800-611-6345. 

U-First!® for Care Partners

This program is for family and friends who are providing direct support to someone experiencing behaviour changes as a result of dementia or other cognitive impairment. The program consists of 6 hours of direct education.

You will connect with others to develop effective strategies to reduce responsive behaviours.

This innovative education program aims to:

  • Increase care partner confidence
  • Enhance well-being of both the care partner and those experiencing behaviour changes


Participants in this program should be providing care for a person with dementia experiencing responsive behaviours. Participants will have taken prior dementia education through the Society, such as our Family Caregiver Education Series.