Early Stage Programs


Our Early Stage Programs offer an opportunity for individuals living with early-stage dementia or cognitive change to connect with peers in a supportive environment.

ASNR Advisory Group

Anyone who is interested in participating in one of our early-stage programs is invited to make a referral through our First Link® Program to discuss eligibility and program criteria, or call us at 905-687-3914.

Beyond Words Learning Series

The Beyond Words Early Stage Learning Series is an 8-week program for persons with early stage dementia and their care partners that provides an opportunity to meet with peers and share coping strategies to help adapt to the challenges of living with dementia.

Wellness Program

The Wellness Program offers an opportunity to meet with peers in a social setting and focus on strengths and abilities, while participating in meaningful activities that promote positive brain health.


Tele-Recreation is a telephone-based program for persons living with dementia to socialize and participate in brain stimulating activities from the comfort of their homes.  Meet other individuals living with dementia, and keep your brain active with word and language games, trivia, fun facts and good conversation.

R.E.B.E.L. Group

Explore the senses
Be physically active
Engage in conversation
Learn to do things differently!

The REBEL Group consists of individuals who have completed the Beyond Words Learning Series and/or the Wellness Program. Through monthly get-togethers, the REBEL Group allows individuals to remain connected to each other and the Alzheimer Society.

This program provides further opportunities to socialize, build a network of support, and access education and information according to the group's expressed interests and needs. Monthly gatherings include holiday celebrations, guest speakers, entertainment and special events.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is a group of persons living with dementia or cognitive impairment that share their lived experiences, knowledge, and ideas to guide the work of the Alzheimer Society.

Connections Early-Stage Newsletter

Connections is a quarterly newsletter for persons with early-stage dementia developed in response to their request for information that reflects their identified needs, goals and interests. The newsletter provides opportunities to connect with one another, share ideas, strategies and perspectives. Persons with early-stage dementia are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter.


Connections First

Connections First is an 2 hour interactive forum that explores living well with or without memory changes. This program runs monthly and is open to persons concerned with normal aging, persons living with a diagnosis of dementia, care partners or anyone who just wants to learn about keeping their brain healthy and plan for the future. Connections First is the perfect first step into the Alzheimer Societies education opportunities.

Topics Include:

  • Strategies for maintaining a healthy brain
  • Understanding Normal Aging vs Dementia
  • Future Planning
  • Community Resource Navigation