The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan has proudly implemented the Relationship Model™ of governance, leadership and management.


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The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan uses the Relationship Model™ of governance, leadership and management.

People live and work within relationships. Relationships are the human operating system. In order to make our lives and our work successful and fulfilling, we need to apply the natural principles of relationships by establishing the values, structures and the processes of relationships throughout our organization.

In the Relationship Model™ values, structure and processes form the basis of governance, leadership, management and service delivery. The roles of governances, leadership and management differ, but the principles that underlie them are the same. There is a continuity of design from the organization's membership to the point where the clients receive the services.

Relationship Model™ values

  • Affirmation,
  • Involvement and
  • Servant leadership.

Relationship structure

  • Authority,
  • Limitations of authority,
  • Responsibility and
  • Accountability.

Governance process

  • Communication,
  • Decision-making,
  • Conflict resolution,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Delegating authority and responsibility and
  • Monitoring and measuring.