Young Onset Day Service


The young onset day service is a small group program that goes on outings in the community, does music and arts based activities, prepares group meals, and volunteers in the community.

Five older adults and a tour guide at the Lindsay airport.

Join the program!  Please contact Jen or Jo at for more information, or call (705) 748-5131 or toll free 1-800-561-2588. 

What is the Day Service Program? 

The Day Service Program creates opportunities for individuals to participate in meaningful activities such as outings in the community, music and art-based programs, yoga and mindfulness, walks, lunch, and local tours. 

The program is run by two Alzheimer Society therapeutic recreation staff in a community-based program centre (usually a church or a community centre). 

How often does the program run, and for how long?  

The program runs 1 day a week from 10am to 2pm, all through the year. Participants get to know each other well, build new friendships, connections, comradery, and get ongoing support from peers and the two Alzheimer Society staff (Jen and Jo). 

Who can participate? 

  • Day Service participants are 55 to 70 years of age and have young onset or early stage dementia. They attend the program without their care partners. 

  • Individuals can register on their own.  Please connect with Jen or Jo at for more information, or call (705) 748-5131 or toll free 1-800-561-2588. 

  • A maximum of 6 participants per region. 

The Benefits of the Day Service Program: 

The person living with dementia... 

  • Stays engaged with others, reducing isolation 

  • Takes part in meaningful activities 

  • Copes better with their illness 

  • Has their feelings validated by others with a similar diagnosis 

  • Improves their quality of life through connection