Dementia education for Professionals

Welcome to the Dementia Training Lab! Take a look at the in-depth and informative education sessions ASP has to offer for professionals supporting those living with dementia.

Educator with light brown skin, out of frame except for their hands, points to a model of a brain with a blue pen.
The Dementia Training Lab logo: a blue lightbulb intersected with a blue brain.

After months of preparation, our Dementia Training Lab is now available! Are you a professional supporting people living with dementia? Learn from our experts and request registration for a course today.

Training Lab

Training Lab workshop is for professionals in the dementia sector. It is very interactive with lots of activities to support the learning, and participants receive a certificate of completion. Participants do need to attend all 3 modules in order to receive their certificates. Read more here!

7 hours. $150.00 per individual. Request Form.

Understanding Behaviour

Covers: What is the meaning behind expressive behaviours, common triggers and causes, and management tips. Read more here!

1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual. Request Form.

Dementia 101

Date: November 9, 2021

Covers: What is Dementia, Disease's under the Heading, The 8 A's of Dementia (common symptoms), Tips on Symptom Management, and How to Effectively Communicate with a Person Living with Dementia. Read more here!  1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual. Request Form.

D-0788 Dementia 101

Covers dementia, the 8 common symptoms, and how to communicate effectively with someone living with dementia. 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 People. Request form.

SP-0788 Stages & Progression

Covers brain changes, the 3 and 7 stage models, what scores on the assessments indicate, and tips for each stage. 1 hour. $40.00 per individual, or $200.00 per 15 people. Request form.

RN-0788 Resources & Navigation

Covers the services and resources that exist and how to access them. 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 people. Request form.

ED-0788 Exploring Dementia

Covers the learning of other dementias under the dementia heading excluding Alzheimer disease. 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 people. Request form.

UB-0788 Understanding Behaviour

Covers the meaning behind behaviours, common behavioural triggers, and management strategies. 2 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 Per 15 people. Request form.

ACP-0788 Advance Care Planning

Covers power of attorneys, substitute decision makers, what to consider when advance care planning, and Disability Tax Credit and Compassionate Care Benefits. 1 hours. $40.00 per individual, or $200.00 per 15 people. Request form.

CB-0788 Care Partner Burnout and Self Care

Covers signs and symptoms of caregiver burnout, tips to overcome burnout, what is self-care and how to accomplish it, and grief and its effects. 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 people. Request form.

HP-0788 Holiday Planning

Covers how to adapt the holidays plans to support people living with dementia. 1 hour. $200.00 per 15 people. Request form.

LSC-0788 Late Stage Considerations

Covers what changes can be expected in the late stage of dementia. Learning about grief and loss including coping mechanisms 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 people. Request form.

DE-0788 Dementia Experience

Interactive session that allows participants to step into the shoes of someone with dementia to experience the challenges that are faced when attempting to carry out everyday simple tasks. Participants put on equipment that simulates having dementia and attempt to do hands on tasks. 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 people. Request form.

BH-0788 Taking Control of your Brain Health

Covers warning signs of dementia vs normal age related brain changes, as well as evidence based strategies of what people can do from a lifestyle perspective to maintain their brain health. 45 min. $200.00 per 15 people. Request form.

MD-0788 Montessori for Dementia

Covers Montessori techniques, why they are used in dementia care, and how to adapt them for the stage/abilities of a person living with dementia. 1.5 hours. $50.00 per individual, or $350.00 per 15 people. Request form.

FYW-0788 Finding Your Way

Covers awareness of risk for people living with dementia going missing and strategies for creating safety plans to prevent missing incidents and home safety proofing. 1 hour. No fee - we receive funding to offer this session. Request form.

DLT-0788 Dementia Training Lab

A 6 hour certificate workshop for professionals working with People Living with dementia. The workshop is divided into 3 modules: What is Dementia, Behaviours, Strategies and tips for supporting People Living with Dementia. 6 hours: 3 x 2hr. Sessions for Virtual or 6 hr. in-person. $150.00 per individual, or $100.00 per person with a minimum of 10 participants. Request form.