First Link Learning Series

This 4 week learning series offers an opportunity for family and friends of an individual living with dementia to learn more about dementia, develop caregiving strategies, and become familiar with community resources and supports.

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Next Steps & Care Essentials

This 4 week series is offered monthly in various cities throughout the Niagara Region. Each session is facilitated by trained Alzheimer Society staff. In order to receive the full benefit of this series it is recommended that you plan to attend all 4 weeks. If you have to miss a week you can easily pick it up at a different location.

Each series will cover the following topics:

  • Part 1: Overview of Dementia, Diagnosis & Healthy Brain Strategies
  • Part 2: Communication & Environmental Strategies 
  • Part 3: Understanding & Managing Challenging Behaviours
  • Part 4: Difficult Discussions, Role Changes & Self Care

What will I learn?

  • Information about dementia, diagnosis & treatment
  • Understanding losses and behaviours
  • Tools and strategies for managing dementia: environmental, communication-based, services
  • Adapting to role changes and care needs
  • Future planning
  • Self-care strategies for the care partner

Who should take this course?

Any individual supporting or helping to support an individual living with dementia in the community. If your family member or friend has been diagnosed with dementia, this course will help educate you about the disease and how you can help support that individual. There is no charge for this series.

Upcoming classes

Dementia education in Niagara Region

The Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region is committed to providing continuous learning opportunities for persons living with dementia, their partners in care and professionals throughout the region. Education is free to persons living with dementia and their partners in care.

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Education for family and friends

Our educators provide continuous opportunities for care partners to explore strategies for supporting persons living with dementia, learn the importance of self-care and build networks of support.

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